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Young Men find their strength at Eagle Cove Academy

Residential Treatment Center and Boarding School for Teenage Boys

Opening in the last half 2019, Eagle Cove Academy is the newest member of the InnerChange family of programs.

Situated on a resort-like campus, located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Eagle Cove Academy serves adolescent males age 13 to 18 who may have challenges with:

  • • Anxiety, depression or other mood disorders
  • • ADHD, and learning struggles
  • • Family distress
  • • Substance and other addictive issues such as overuse of electronic media
  • • Trauma and reactivity to loss
  • • Self-isolating and self-withdrawal

Like all InnerChange programs, Eagle Cove Academy is rooted in the shared set of fundamental beliefs we call CORE. Standing for Connected, Outcomes, Relational and Experiential this is the heart of how our programs are developed and operated. It puts the
mechanisms and standards of quality in place to ensure the highest level of care.

Our Clinical Approach

By combining decades of successful experience in the residential treatment of adolescents and young adults with exciting research and innovations of today, we have developed a clinical approach for young men tailored to their distinct learning styles, social needs and emotional challenges. We’re taking cues from leaders within our family of programs as well as renowned experts in the field to develop a unique approach that includes:

Eagle Cove Academy Campus

Easy Access to Atlanta, Nashville & Charlotte

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